Youngstown, Ohio from 1978-2016

This photograph of Mary Jean is the very first photograph I ever took in my very first photography class on the first roll of film I shot and developed at Youngstown State University in Mr. Mitchel's class in September 1978.  There is a finger print on it and there are scratches, and I punched a hole in the left side of the negative when I used a reel with a piercing clamp to secure the film.  This first gallery in Time was shot in Youngstown, Ohio and vicinity from 1978 through 1979 during which time I studied photography at the art department of YSU.  My early models include Mary Jean, Shawna, Rosie, Hector, Juan, Tammy & Mickey, the members of New York City and Desiree and the mill workers.

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Youngstown, the 1980s
Youngstown, the 1990s
Madonnas and Easter Bunnies