The Obelisks are vertical, black & White, gelatin silver prints of WPA era intersection markers indicating the crossroads in Campbell, Ohio.  Many of the Obelisks did not survive the ravages of time in the estimated 80 years since they were erected.  Many of the remaining Obelisks have been struck by vehicles and possibly been vandalized, but because of their rigid construction, they remain, though often jutting off into oblique angles far from their original, perfectly vertical position.  Ranging in height from about three feet high to as tall as nearly six feet tall, the shortest Obelisk is still standing on the two-block long Main Street where but two homes remain and where it marks a path into the woods.

Obelisk Installation documentation by Fredrik Nilsen.

Obelisks & Odalisques showing in McKelvey Gallery, Youngstown, Ohio Summer 2015.
Obelisks & Odalisques in the Youngstown Vindicator.