The second week of September, 2013.

The second week of September, 2013.

Years of Living Horologically, 2013-2015

Horologer is an obsolete term for one who announces time, a town crier if you would.  Time is merely the movement of bodies through space, albeit celestial bodies like the moon that revolves around the earth, the earth that orbits the sun, and the earth that rotates on its axis.  These three movements delineate the natural divisions of time:  the day, the month and the year.  All other divisions of time are unnatural concoctions of humans in an attempt to regulate people’s lives on some schedule other than the natural schedule by which we should all abide.

To move through life like an horologer would could theoretically be called Living Horologically.  To understand time as an horologer would be to be able to interpret light and lights as time and space.  Time could not exist without space, the voids between things.  Locations are coordinates in space that capture light and reflect light back in degrees of tonality across zones.  By analyzing the light and shadow on a building, one could deduce the time.  The address numbers are an artificial means for humans to be able to understand the space they inhabit.

In the project, Years of Living Horologically, I am keeping a photo diary of moments in time at specific locations marked by the address numbers at those locations, numbers that also signify the date on which the photo triptychs were taken.  The dates are embedded in the images through content.  Through time, changes occur at locations, in locations and to the inhabitants of those locations.

In early 2013 when I was struggling with the title for this piece, I had been using a working title Years of Living Timelessly, but I knew timelessly was the wrong word.  I was writing in my notebook and I went to the dictionary to look up a word, and I can't even remember which word because there at the top of the page in bold letters was the word horologer, and I needed to look up the meaning, and then I looked at other versions, and there was an adjective horologically but no adverb.  An adverb is easy enough to construct if you have a regular adjective.  "Years of Living Horologically" had a title and I showed September 2013, the first completed month in the project, at Alias Books in September 2014, and that same month The Second Week in May showed at LACC Art Gallery.

"Years of Living Horologically" will be completed on Leap Day, February 29, 2016.