The 1001 Nights were shot from 1991 until 1994, and it is a chronicle begun just prior to continuing my education at Art Center College of Design.  I ran into Frances Stark at the Hammer Museum and she asked if I had any photographs of Mike Kelley and her from our Art Center days.  I found photographs of Frances and Photographs of Mike, but not the two of them together.

So I shot photos every night until I had shot 1001 Nights, and I have photographs of friends, acquaintances, bartenders, taqueros, photography students, me and of course, the friends I made at Art Center, including Lisa Anne Auerbach, Susan Lutz, Sharon Lockhart and so many more. 

The 1001 Nights were all shot with a Canonet Rangefinder using Kodak T-Max 3200 film, and they were shot between sundown and sunrise.  At the time I was shooting the 1001 Nights, I was working in a 1-Hour Photo and I printed all my black and white negatives on color paper, so they all have a color cast.